After two years of intense work, MERLIN project is over. But this doesn’t mean you should stop your business ideas and models!. There are many local and regional initiatives around you that can help you develop and tune your business model. MERLIN partners also continue offering services and new opportunities to support our participants, and new researchers, in the coming years. Here are some of them for you to check:

Deaflow.EU aims to close the gap between investors and research projects. On the one hand, this is achieved through placing investors and corporate partners in contact with the research projects with the highest potential, and then on the other, to coach the projects on raising capital, identifying a business model and developing a sound go-to-market strategy.

New project supporting “Innovation Radar” initiative, just as MERLIN did.


IoT Next Club
Resulting from the European Commission financed IoT Large-Scale Pilots Programme reaching €104 million in funding opportunities is the launch of a club exclusively for IoT SMEs in Europe. The IoT Next Club is the next stage in developing the Internet of Things ecosystem in Europe and will bring together smaller companies and start-ups on an early stage of development.


IoT Tribe Space Endeavour
The project aims to increase the number of opportunities for start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs in the space downstream (telecommunication, satellite navigation, and earth observation sciences) and upstream sectors, to accelerate the growth, scalability and commercialisation of their products, as well as engaging small and medium enterprises in space innovation. The overall aim of this project is to expand the impact and adoption of Space Tech by bringing together Space start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs and the IoT ecosystem to increase commercial relevance of the technologies across industrial sectors and accelerate their access to market and/or scaling.


IoT Tribe Singapore
Acceleration Programme for deep tech start-ups in Singapore.


Technical assistance services for the activation of the demand of the digital basque innovation hub (BDIH) in its active nodes.


SCALE-UP CHAMPIONS. Scale up innovative business across the EU
European incubators play a key role in the development of new business ideas and bringing them to market. However, despite the efficiency in both creating and supporting startups in the early stages, EU incubators face challenges in the scaling of startups to reach global markets. Scale-up Champions project aims to bridge these gaps by providing: access to public and private customer networks, access to EU-wide talent, access to capital, potential corporate partners and opportunities for scaling-up across borders through the creation of standardized services. The strategic objective is supported by the following sub-objectives:

  • Increase the connectedness among members of deep-tech start-up ecosystems and their companies (start-ups and scale-ups) and to the larger European business ecosystem seeking maximum synergies.
  • Increase access to customers, private and public, access to qualified employees, access to the right combination of finance and prospects for scaling up across borders.
  • Stimulate European investments in deep-tech digital sectors through increasing the number of cross-border investments.


Seed Fund by PPNT
The Capital Fund of the Poznań Science and Technology Park has so far established seventeen capital companies operating in the chemical, biotechnological and ICT industries, investing a total of over PLN 8 million so far. The location of the seed fund at the heart of the first Polish Science and Technology Park allows the companies, apart from accessing the financial investment, to be provided with the necessary research support, apparatus, technology, advisory and promotional environment. To apply, one needs to:

  1. apply as a team or a company (no individual applications are accepted)
  2. has a technology or business idea related to ICT, biotechnology or chemistry
  3. be willing to operate in Poland


H2020 Innovate2Succeed through Enterprise Europe Network
The Innovate2Succeed Programme offers 7-9 days of fully funded coaching and mentoring support to businesses. This will look at diagnosing any pain points that the business is experiencing as well as identifying any barriers to commercialisation and growth. Companies will be given one-to-one support bespoke to the business to help to overcome these barriers. Aims at the end of this programme include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increase in jobs
  • Products & tech launched
  • Funding & finance raised
  • Increase in turnover


EEN Global Business Innovation Programmes (GBIPs)
Typically, up to 15 high-growth innovative businesses are supported to explore and exploit the opportunities that exist in specific markets and technology and innovation areas. The Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) provides the sort of detailed market knowledge, introductions and cultural insight that small companies would find difficult to generate themselves. The Programme is designed to help companies find partners, build collaborations and explore R&D and innovation opportunities. GBIP comprises three main elements:

  • Preparing for the market
  • Visiting the market
  • Exploiting the opportunity

The Global Business Innovation Programme operates on a competitive basis and businesses selected are required to actively participate in all three stages of the Programme.


KPMG Emerging Giants programme
The KPMG Emerging Giants team is dedicated to helping ambitious Startups and Scaleups grow. They meet and build relationships with ambitious and innovative businesses and over the past five years we have met thousands of them. The team takes the time to understand growth plans and in return provide industry insight, specialist advice and make introductions to contacts in the Startup and Scaleup ecosystem. Our remit includes advising companies on:

  • successfully scaling their business
  • finding and incentivising talent and c-suite
  • understanding which tax incentives are most appropriate
  • corporate structuring
  • expanding internationally and accessing equity
  • M&A or IPO transactions


Enterprise Europe Network Pitchfest
St John’s Innovation Centre supports ambitious companies with innovative products & services who have the potential to scale or who are already scaling and are looking to raise between £100k – £2m.

Delivered by Enterprise Europe Network in partnership with the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and held at St John’s Innovation Centre, Pitchfest is a highly focused training and showcase programme designed to help ambitious business founders develop the necessary skills to become pitch ready.

Pitchfest culminates with a Showcase Day where 15 selected companies pitch their business ideas to investors with ample networking available to allow a deeper conversation about their ventures.


IUK EEN Scale-up programme
Many businesses have the ambition to scale. But it is not easy for a high-potential business to become a high-performing world-beater. To make that ambition a reality requires a clear strategy, the capability to hire and retain skilled staff, to develop management and leadership capacity, to penetrate new markets and to secure access to finance, and to address all the infrastructure needs of the business.

That is why the Innovate UK and EEN Scaleup Programme has been launched. Created and being delivered by EEN, and inspired and funded by Innovate UK, the Scaleup Programme is an ambitious programme for ambitious people.

We were looking for innovative, ambitious, high-growth oriented companies who were already on their scaling journey, whose innovations and/or business models can disrupt an existing market, and who are establishing or already implementing their international markets strategy.

They had to have a verified business plan and a commitment to implement it. They had to have the potential to achieve Compound Annual Growth Rates (CAGR) of at least 60-100% or more – so today’s £10m business is aiming to grow its revenues to north of £100m.


COSME services
Accessing finance
COSME aims to make it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access finance in all phases of their lifecycle – creation, expansion, or business transfer. Thanks to EU support, businesses have easier access to guarantees, loans and equity capital. EU ‘financial instruments’ are channelled through local financial institutions in EU countries. To find a financial institution in your country, visit the Access to Finance portal.
Opening markets
COSME helps businesses to access markets in the EU and beyond. It funds the Enterprise Europe Network that helps SMEs find business and technology partners, and understand EU legislation; the Your Europe Business portal that provides practical information on doing business within Europe. It also finances a number of IPR (intellectual property rights) SME Helpdesks.
Supporting entrepreneurs
COSME supports entrepreneurs by strengthening entrepreneurship education, mentoring, guidance and other support services. Actions support specific groups who may find it difficult to reach their full potential, such as young people, women and senior entrepreneurs. The programme also aims to help businesses access opportunities offered by digital technologies.
Improving business conditions
COSME aims to reduce the administrative and regulatory burden on SMEs by creating a business-friendly environment. COSME also supports businesses to be competitive by encouraging them to adopt new business models and innovative practices. This complements actions in areas with high growth potential such as the tourism sector.


Funding attraction – Inočekiai measure
One of Civitta’s area of specialization is attracting funding for R&D projects.

One of such measures is the Inočekiai measure, managed by MITA – Science, Innovation and Technology Agency.  Inočekiai promotes the collaboration of business and research, continuation of joint R&D projects between business and research, encourages companies to invest in and carry out innovation activities as well as encourages to use opportunities created by joint business-research R&D projects.

Civitta can offer grant application documentation preparation services to researchers who would be interested in applying for this measure.


Funding attraction – Eksperimentas measure
One of Civitta’s areas of specialization is attracting funding for R&D projects.  One of such measures is Eksperimentas, which is managed by LVPA – Lithuanian Business Support Agency

The purpose of this measure is to encourage companies to invest in the R&D necessary to develop innovative products, services or processes as well as encourage joint business-research R&D projects.

Civitta can offer grant application documentation preparation services to researchers who would be interested in applying for this measure.


Acceleration services and networking events
One of Civitta’s areas of specialization is startup incubation, acceleration, training. As part of many projects being run by Civitta, we also organize a variety of networking events for different target audiences.

Civitta can offer acceleration services to researchers who need business support, provided they already have a startup established and a batch for the acceleration services is being gathered.

Civitta can provide access for researchers to attend such events if the researchers are in need of meeting with potential clients, partners, provided such event is being organized at the time of need by the participant.