In October 2nd to 4th, MERLIN participated in South Summit, one of the largest entrepreneurship event in Spain. Some dizzy numbers that summarize 2019 edition are the following ones: more than 1000 investors and 3800 participating startups, 120B€ under management, and 2.8B€ raised by finalist of the Startup Competition.

This was the perfect scenario for showcasing the results MERLIN participants have achieved over the last year. For this, we had a booth for 8 of our participants, as well as a pitching section for MERLIN at the ‘demo stage‘, for our participants to present their business ideas and products. Besides, delegates from all MERLIN partners also attended South Summit to support our participants and provide advice regarding their pitches and business ideas. The list of companies that attended South Summit in MERLIN’s booth are:

  • Traffik Gene (Spain): develops a new vehicle molecule for applying CRISPR
  • Expansio (Poland): develops a chatbot that teaches coding to teenagers by using also custom hardware
  • Camnexus (UK): develops IoT solutions with low power sensors for real time monitoring of resources in large areas
  • Panel CRC (Spain): develops a kit for early detection of colorectal cancer
  • MedVC (Poland): develops a remote collaboration tool for medical professionals allowing real-time audio-video communication and the usage of specialised medical services
  • Sorexsensors (UK): manufactures high sensitivity mass sensors in small form factor
  • Stelabus (Spain): develops an AI solution for organizing and classifying the work performed in the chemistry laboratories
  • Skillmate (Poland): develops a social network that enables social learning between peer

As a plus, it is worth highlighting that Expansio was selected by the organizers of South Summit to pitch at the Enlighted section of the ‘Startup Competition‘.

A family photo at the booth follows, while all the photos of the fair are stored in Flickr.