BVenture took place in Bilbao, Spain, on October 29th-30th. It is one of the largest startup and technologies fairs on the north of Spain, with more than 3200 attendees in total, including 120 startups, 75 speakers, 50 corporates and 60 investors. More than 1500 meetings were scheduled during the fair.






MERLIN participated in BVenture with 4 startups from the course organized in UPV-Zitek:

  • ROSEO: they analyze the wind potential of urban zones and buildings, and design integrated wind turbines to be installed on roofs. These turbines have high efficiency, being able to start generating electricity with a breeze of just 3 km/h.
  • SBS: they have developed an innovative and pioneering technology to carry out thermochemical processes of revaluation of non-recyclable waste. Thanks to the improved contact, they manage to treat complex waste that can be introduced back on the production chain. This technology can be introduced on pyrolysis, drying and combustion processes.
  • Development of a new design for solar panels and their physical distribution for thermo-solar power centrals. These new designs provide more energy per square meter than current devices, which makes thermo-solar power centrals much more profitable.
  • Air conditioning through heat-pumps using facade as heat source. In the building sector, ventilated facades with photovoltaic glass can help builders achieve air conditioning in a more efficient, reliable, renewable contribution, using the building itself as an accumulator and manager of thermal energy.

Photo at the MERLIN stand: